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Acknowledgements & Colophon


This site is built with Eleventy (of which I am an official supporter!), a fantastic static site generator. I used Dan Urbanowicz's boilerplate as a starting point. I run gulp in front of my build to compile my Sass to CSS and minify styles and scripts alike, then inline them to reduce HTTP requests.

Hosting is provided by Netlify, free of charge, since I don't generate much traffic… Still good to support these fine folks, though!


Thanks to all the designers who create '80s-infused visuals that fuelled my inspiration. You provide invaluable visuals to the world.

The font used for headings is the beautiful Marvin Visions Bold (free for personal use), that perfectly fits this site's aesthetic. The other fonts you see here are your system's default — yay, performance!





Thanks to my friend Youcef for giving me feedback every single time I asked him if a pixel looked out of place.

And thanks to my partner Ilona for dealing with me every time I said "One second, just fixing a thing on my website!", even though it took me half an hour.

Finally: thank you for stopping by, I truly appreciate it!